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Meet Tonia!

Business Strategist & freedom coach

Tonia is driven by a relentless passion for unlocking her client’s full potential to achieve remarkable results. Through her strategic approach, expert guidance and unwavering support, Tonia has helped her clients experience life-changing transformations.

100% Success: Rate: Business Launch, Build Solid Entrepreneurial Foundations
Rapid Results: Achieve Financial Goals within 3 Months
Unlock Your Income Potential: Replace and Double Your Corporate Salary
Embrace Freedom: Fully Transition from Job to Thriving Business in 6 Months
Scale with Confidence: Tonia's Strategic Expertise Unleashes Sustainable Growth
VIP Day Intensive

A full, immersive day to Activate Your Vision! This is the very first step in your journey to launching the business you desire. You’ll leave with clarity, unwavering belief and the exact blueprint to bring your vision to life!

1 to 1 coaching

Ready to embark on the journey of re-identifying yourself as an Entrepreneur?. With structure, accountability and support, you'll be guided through my proven 5-step Signature Success Framework from ideation to monetization!

Group Coaching

A space curated for Entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale their businesses. With access to the community, wealth of resources and access to experts in vital fields, you'll have all the tools to consistently elevate your business.


Curated self-study courses, to prepare you for the world of business. Follow the step-by-step guide that will take you from feeling stuck and overwhelmed into feeling ready to becoming the CEO of your business and life of your dreams!

    Tonia’s coaching has been one of the biggest reasons behind my success

    Samantha, CEO & Founder (ED & I Expert) @ SLS 360

    I knew what I wanted to do, why I wanted to do it, I just didn’t know HOW. One of the breakthroughs I experienced is being aware of the great value to the organizations I serve and being certain about charging my worth. I want to build a legacy and ensure the expertise I have doesn't just sit with me. Tonia's support has been invaluable- she's been patient, kind, always there to hold me to account. Her coaching has been one of the biggest reasons behind my success.

    Samantha, CEO & Founder (ED & I Expert) @ SLS 360